Comic Review: Silk #4


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Robbie Thompson

Artist: Annapaola Martello

Colour Artist: Ian Herring

Cover Art: Dave Johnson

When we last saw Silk, she was having to deal with Dragonclaw again, face off against Black Cat and finally have Spider-Man come and interfere with her life.

Spider-Man is smart to know that Silk won’t listen to him, her problems are obviously due to the whole Spider-Verse troubles, nothing to worry about.  Though the Fantastic 4 get involved, at Spider-Man’s request, and here we see Silk going through the last of Dr Reeds tests to find out the cause of her troubles.

From the last issue most people can tell what is wrong with her, but even so it’s hard for someone to accept that it is, they’ve been away from the world for so long, they just need to get back into the swing of things again, to catch-up on what they have missed out right?

Silk is of course annoyed at Spider-Man for telling Dr Reed how long she was locked down in the bunker for, to punching him in the face for it in fact; although she does hold back on her punch.  Although Spider-Man does tell her that it’s because he is worried about it, his heart is in the right place; chances are high Silk wouldn’t let anyone know about her decade long time in the bunker.

The issue here isn’t filled with loads of action, if anything it’s more about Silk’s relationships with people, her interactions with her friends; I would like to see more of Lola, she seems interesting.  She goes out on a date with Johnny and they work well as a team in crime fighting.

It’s developing the characters, letting us see more of them in a non-fighting area and it’s still really interesting, there is still drama going on, nothing bland happens anywhere in this issue so no reader should have a reason to be put off.

The art has changed, Stacey Lee is replaced by Annapaolla Martello for this issue and the art is a lot different, it’s softer more flowing than what Stacey Lee had it and although it does help with the non-action in this issue, I do prefer the art Stacey Lee does overall; but I could easily grow into Annapaolla’s art too.

The climax of the next issue will be another round of Silk vs Black Cat’s team, it will also be interesting to see how SIlk’s health could be affected from the last issue.

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