Comic Review: Grayson #1


Publisher: DC Comics

Writers: Tim Seeley and Tom King

Artist: Mikel Janin

Colourist: Jeromy Cox

Cover: Andrew Robinson

Former Robin, former Nightwing, and a former dead man.  Now Dick Grayson is back in this super-spy espionage thriller.

Many fans of Dick Grayson were upset and annoyed that the Nightwing series came to a close, with this being the new vision for Dick Grayson.  No longer in the shadow of Batman, he’s part of something new, taking it upon himself and this new team, to aid human’s who aren’t all that they seem.

This issue see’s him and a woman called Matron, aid a Russian man, who seems rather normal, but we find he is anything but.

This new series revolving around Grayson let’s new comic readers come into the picture, there is a mention of who Grayson used to be and what his past was, keeping it simple and letting the art do the talking.


From how this issue appears, new comers shouldn’t be scared of reading this series, this is a new Grayson, it will allow all fans to get to know him, or know him further.

This issue certainly puts Grayson as a James Bond type character, the only difference is he uses his skills rather than lots of weapons to deal with those who wish to fight him.  Matron is also an interesting character and hopefully more will be revealed about her in later issues.

The art is masterfully done, working well with how Grayson moves and the whole action scenes is beautiful.

This isn’t a comic that catches my interest though, so I will not be adding it to my list, however people who enjoy comics that give them a rush, make them think of what exactly is going on and why, this could be the comic to start reading.

Grayson #1 came out last summer, so the first trade issue of Grayson is coming out now.

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