Comic Review: Silk #3


Publishers; Marvel Comics

Writer: Robbie Thompson

Artist: Stacey Lee

Colour Artist: Ian Herring

Cover Artist: Dave Johnson

In the last issue of Silk we saw our hero fighting once again Dragonclaw, a high-tech but low IQ thief who is out for revenge for the defeat Silk handed him.

This issue brings Silk into a territory that we don’t really see in other comics, Spider-Woman went through some emotional troubles, but this cause is different, here we see Silk, who having already felt that her Silk-Sense wasn’t working the way it should in the previous issue, is having more than just her fine tuned senses not working properly.

It’s all about the action and flash backs here, and it’s done really well.  Round 2 of Silk vs Dragonclaw is nicely done, showing that our hero does take a beating and yet she still has times for quips; while I worry that this could be on the range of Peter Parker territory, the way in which Silk does it doesn’t have the same feeling.  It should be said that I am no a regular reader of the Spider-Man comics so I might be wrong on that assumption.

Silk pg3

Black Cat being the enemy of Silk is nicely done, the fight they have at the end is impressive and I do really like the costume Black Cat wears here, a nice contrast to the usual one that she wears.

The art in the comic is brilliant, it’s almost similar to anime/manga but it has the artist’s own spin on it.  The details are great, the colour is brilliant and matches the tone for the book and the designs are all well done for every character.

There is still the mystery of what has happened to Cindy Moon’s family, which the first two issues focused on and in this issue it let slip, showing that Cindy does focus on other things, but chances are that it’s high on her list, she just needs to get time to do so, while also trying to retain a some what normal life.

A special mention for the cover, which is brilliant, it feels very much like a classic comic book cover, with two character’s interacting; although am not sure how Black Cat’s leg got so twisted in kicking Silk in the face.

It’s another brilliant read of the Silk series regardless.


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