Comic Review: Loki Agent of Asgard #14

Loki agent of asgard 14

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Al Ewing

Artist: Lee Garbett

Colourists: Andres Mossa and Antonio Fabela

No one is surprised that many comics are becoming part of the Secret Wars that is going on; even if you are not reading any issues in connection to the Secret Wars things are going to happen like a ripple effect; that and it will affect the whole Marvel Universe and Multi-verse too.

So here is Loki: Agent of Asgard taking part in the Secret Wars, however this is a new Loki, an older Loki, a Loki that is the God of Stories rather than lies.  A Loki that in his first few pages of interaction with Verity reminds me of Matt Smith’s first episode of being The Doctor in Doctor Who.

Nerdki is gone and as the unkempt Loki tells Verity, he won’t be coming back because he himself doesn’t want to go back.  However this issue doesn’t revolve around this new Loki, this issue mainly focuses on the All-Father and All-Mother, Odin and Freya and how they must keep their heads held high in light of the worlds; all ten realms; about to fall.

Of course no issue is complete any more without the presence of King Loki, who finds that his future is no longer as certain as it was before, who finds himself having to make deals with his daughter/Hela and there is a cameo of Baldr in there too.

It’s an interesting issue, it’s good to see Verity overwhelmed with her best friend being gone and replaced by this man who doesn’t even remember her, or he vaguely remembers her since he knew where she lived and believed they were friends of some kind in the last issue, but it doesn’t go further than that.  Loki of Stories doesn’t remember that she is a human lie detector, he won’t remember what they have been through as friends, if she wanted to be his friend she would have to start over; and as she was someone who kept her distance from many people that would be very difficult.

Freya and Odin’s bickering was interesting, there was moment’s when you did went to smack Odin across the face, but Freya holds her own by being as calm as she can be around him and showing his what her plan is for Asgard to win the war.

The next issue is going to be all action, King Loki taking centre stage again and probably a bit with Loki of Stories and hopefully more interaction with Verity.


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