Comic Review: A-Force #1

A-Force 1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: G Willow Wilson and Marguerite Bennett

Artist: Jorge Molina

In a secluded island nation that is fiercely protected by a team who are protecting the small sliver of their world that is left this new team A-Force is Marvel’s Mightiest Women working together to protect each other and the people around them.

Issue one brings about a solid introduction to the concept of A-Force, the amount of character’s in the issue a lot, not all of them have speaking parts but with them being in the issue means that they will be taking part in later issues; hopefully.  The leader of the team is She-Hulk, who is the Baroness of Arcadia, the woman who makes sure the people are protected and the island is governed fairly.

This issue brings about a new meaning for the team, which seems to have been formed for a while now, given how all the women interact with each other.  They team up to go on patrol around the island, Captain Marvel appearing to be incharge when it comes to directing them where to go for patrol.

Patrol A-Force
Patrol A-Force

When something comes across that is a lot more serious and deadly than a robbery or break-in; which the team deals with by working together; and is awesome to see on page.

Although they have protected the people; She-Hulk contacts the team to remind them to protect the civilian’s while the other half of the patrol group deal with the shark – yes, it’s a shark, but with a difference – they do that, trying to get as many people out of harms way as possible.  Although Ms America does take it too far, leading to trouble for her and causing the A-Force to lose a member, forcing She-Hulk to reassess her role and deciding a new course of action for the team.

 This issue is a fine set up for things to come, it doesn’t leave the reader wanting more action or drama, it’s a good pacing and the interaction between character’s; like Loki and Ms America for example; are well done and gives you a glimpse of what their relationship is like and could continue to be like.

Hopefully through this series many of the background characters, like Storm, will take more room in certain issues, but reading this volume, it would seem that Sister Grim could be a main player, and considering she hasn’t been seen in many comics in recent years, many fans of The Runaways would be pleased to see it.

It’s definitely a series I will be continuing to read.


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