Book Review: Dying For A Living (Jesse Sullivan #1) by Kory M. Shrum

Dying for a living

Dying for a Living focuses on Jesse Sullivan, a woman who is trying to get by in this world by dying so that other people can live.  Yes, she dies all the time; when we first meet her in the book she is about to take her 67th case, although it doesn’t go as smoothly as she hoped it would.

Jesse is a Necronite, although she has been called zombie by those who know what she is, or by those who are ignorant of what she does.  Even her own mother doesn’t want her around her because of what she is.  A Necronite is someone who takes the death of the person who contracts them, she takes the death in their place and she will come back in almost one piece, she’ll wake up a few days later with sore muscles and with some memories lost forever.

Jesse is an interesting a character, bisexual and with two possible lover interests, although she doesn’t want to get deep with either of them because of what she does, she’s witty and her flaws are open, she’s not a gym person, she can’t fight back that well and she makes decisions without thinking them through.  The only problem I have is the memory loss, although it does come to light that she has lost certain memories it’s never fully explained what other memories she has lost; is it memories from her childhood or can memories be lost from recent times?

The book focuses on her and her job, mainly about how she becomes a suspect in a federal investigation after she herself was almost murdered.  She does her best to try and clear her name, with the help of her friends.

It’s a fun read, exciting, witty and interesting; there are slow moments to be had, but that is to be expected with the amount of drama that is happening in the book.


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