Book Review: Too Close To Home (The Forensic Files Book 1) by Tressa Messenger

Too Close To Home

Too Close To Home is a suspense and mystery book that brings us to North Carolina and meet two detectives Carma Jones, a local who has lived there her whole, and her new partner Harold Green who used to be a detective in New York.  The book opens up on the cheerleader Missy who is the head cheerleader and she is practising with her team for the game coming up, in just this first chapter she comes across as an interesting character and it’s griping to read.

Sadly when it comes for the detectives to do their work, it’s rather boring.  Carma Jones is a woman who is in control, she’s focused and she can fight, she should be an amazing character to read about and at the start she was; but then she found found some information about Missy and kept it to herself, saying that she didn’t want her parents to know about it to her partner; the one who transferred from new York, who let her do it.  No sure how that would look for the people above her, or when the information finally came to light – because it would, since it does give evidence of some kind.

Carma is a strong female character, yet she barely had anything else to make her seem like a well rounded character. She’s a hard worker, she loves her home and needs a push if she ever wants to leave, she cares for people, but we know nothing about her.  Does she have any siblings? Aunts or uncles? What about her parents? This might be a crime novel, it shouldn’t leave out details about these character’s, particularly if they are leading the charge of the story.

Harold is bland, he’s Carma’s partner yet there really isn’t that much to like about him, we learn why he moved from New York to North Carolina though, but there is nothing more to him than that.

The plot it’s self is good, from time to time it does have you wonder and guessing, but it was obvious from the start who the real killer was, even though there was a few twists to throw the reader off track.

The version I read of this book was for the Kindle and it does need a bit more tweaking to get it to flow nicely, there was moments when it looked like someone was speaking but they weren’t, or when they were speaking it looked like they stopped.

It is a decent read and would work out a lot better if the character’s were more fleshed out, however this is part of a series so hopefully in the next book Carma will have more personality to her than she did here.

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