Book Review: Queen of Hearts: A Sin City Collectors book by Kristen Painter

Queen of hearts

Sin City Collectors is a series of stand alone romance and supernatural stories that focus on Collectors, people who hunt down those in the supernatural world who are breaking the rules and need to toe the line.

The good thing about this series is there is no order to read these novella’s, they are not linked together and pretty much every author does their own thing.

This novella is Queen of Hearts, which focuses on Claudette; or Claude; who is a retired Collector who runs a pawn shop; when she is asked to make a Collection on someone who is just too difficult for the normal Collector’s to deal with, she has no option but to do it.

However there is a catch to this Collection, she is after a gargoyle who are one of the most difficult mystical beings to deal with and she is fully aware of their abilities, but she has plenty of skills herself.

As this is a romance novella, along with the supernatural elements to it, there is romance.  It’s not sickly sweet and it’s not even over done, the two work well together, they flow well and the interaction between them is enjoyable to read.

Only problem with this? It’s a novella, it’s not going to have a continuing story plot, so when the book ends so do the characters.  It’s annoying too that the author has made things move a little bit too quickly in the book, Claude is weary of falling for the gargoyle, because she was hurt before; there isn’t too much focus on that though, which is a good thing because she is an interesting character without the whole heart-broken woman cliche to deal with.

Claude is an interesting character, she has skills of a shape shifter, can turn into a cat and she is confident in her own body.  We do get a rough description of her, in that she is curvy, but the most prominent part is that she is fully confident in who she is, inside and out.

Most likely I will be reading more of the Sin City Collectors books, just to see what other author’s are bringing to the table in this series.


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