Comic Review: Spider-Woman #6

Spiderwoman #6

Publishers: Marvel Comics

Writer: Dennis Hopeless

Artist/Colourist: Javier Rodriguez

Inker: Alvaro Lopez

Cover Artist: Javier Rodriguez

We have been slacking with Spider-Woman, however we are loving the post Spider-Verse series, this is what Spider-Woman should have been about to begin with.

Jessica Drew has left the Avengers, deciding that she needed to back away from the super hero life and focus on helping people in a low-down way; or at least as low as Spider-Woman can do! In issue 5 we saw that Jessica Drew wasn’t actually getting on too well with being a hero who is wanting to help other’s, mainly protecting those against muggers and small time crooks.  Issue 5 was interesting, funny and paved the way for the plot that will flow and hopefully grow over time.

Learning of the mysterious disappearances of super villains (the C list kind though, according to Jessica), due to Ben Urich a top writer at the Daily Bugle, she wasn’t interested; mainly because they are super villians and she felt that the loved one’s were vanishing out of their own free will.  Only to learn later that they weren’t, after a fight against a crook who was dressed like a porcupine, feeling bad she took the case on; after all she used to be a private investigator… just ignore the porcupine criminal in the room.

This issue has more traction, plus we learn that Jessica doesn’t have bowls in her place, there is more action, more information and although serious there is still fun and comical moments.

 It feels like Hopeless is getting into his writing, in Spider-Verse every issue just didn’t go very well, there was something missing and in this issue, plus the last issue, it feels like we are reading Spider-Woman, this is focusing on Jessica Drew and it reads well, it’s interesting and exciting.

Javier Rodriguez’s art blends so well with the comic, it makes everything feel alive, Jessica Drew looks like an actual action woman, she looks like a modern woman who can walk along the street wearing those clothes.  The way she moves works, there is nothing that appears like rubber spine actions, it looks realistic and it’s a brilliant/dramatic change to what we had before.

For people who avoided Spider-Woman because of Spider-Verse and/or Greg Land being the artist, you should start up with issue 5, trust us, it is so much better than what was previously out there.


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