Book Review: Angels and Gargoyles: Found by Brenda L. Harper

Found Angels and Gargoyles

Angels and Gargoyles is a series of books directed towards teenagers who want to read post apocalypse books.  This is book one is the series called Found which centres around a girl called Dylan.

Dylan lives inside a dome, a place called Genero, where only women live and none of the girls who live there have ever seen a man, or know what a man is.  She also possesses a special gift, that her guardian told her to keep a secret for her own safety.  It turns out that Dylan isn’t alone in having a gift, although she doesn’t share that knowledge with anyone else, but she is aware of the price that will be paid if she is discovered.

Found is the starting point for this series of books that is meant to lead to a battle against Lucifer and his bride Lilith, we see Dylan struggling to survive, find out what the gargoyles means in the book title and also have Dylan crush on a man for the first time.

This book could have been so much more if the author wasn’t in such a rush to put the pieces in place.  I would have liked to have learned more about Genero, the people who work there, what the Administrators actually do, why are women the only one’s who seem to live there? What do the tests mean for the girls who take them? Also, how do they live in a dome? That was something I wasn’t aware of until Dylan spoke to Wyatt – the first man she has ever met.

It is an easy read though, but there are better books out there and I suspect the series will become far more religious than it is right now, considering the enemy is Lilith and Lucifer.  There are also moments when you wonder why nothing more was explained about certain events, like the gargoyles who attack Dylan, or why Dylan didn’t wonder why she couldn’t read Stiles mind when she managed to read everyone else’s?

This won’t be a series that I will be continuing, it started well but there is nothing to keep me wanting to read it.

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