Book Review: In Stitches by Dr Nick Edwards

In Stitches

In Stitches is a medical book that revolves around Dr Nick Edwards, a man who works in the A & E and humorously discusses his job, from the things that he is glad he is able to help with, to the annoyance’s that come upon his door and waste his time.

This book though shouldn’t be seen as a full on comical book, with loads of humorous anecdotes about the workings of the A & E; there are funny stories, along with sad one’s, but you can always feel Edwards passion through the pages of the book.  He writes at the beginning – so you do have a warning before you buy/download this book – that he likes to rant/moan, he complains about things and while that prepares you a bit; when reading this book you see exactly why he is complaining.  Also the reader would note that 98% of the tales told in the book regarding patients being seen in the A & E are all down under the four hour period.

In Stitches makes the public more aware of the happenings in the Accident and Emergency, of what the doctors and nurses are meant to be doing, the general workings of the practice.  The problem they find themselves with is that people are coming to them with conditions that there local GP should see, or that NHS 24 has told them to come.

Edwards vents a lot in this book, although people might wonder why he doesn’t argue with the higher-ups – probably because he could lose his job. or they won’t listen – there is a lot of light shed for the common folk who really don’t know or understand fully what a working A & E should be like.

I would have liked there to have been more tales about Edwards treating patients and less of him complaining about the government, but he also wrote that he was writing to stop himself from venting to his wife and friends, who were all getting fed up of it.

Don’t expect this to be like ER, or even House.  This is a medical book that is very much real and relative to those who live in the UK.

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