Comic Review: Batgirl #40


Publisher: DC Comics

Writers: Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher

Artist: Babs Tarr

Colourist: Maris Wicks

Cover Art: Cameron Stewart

This is the final issue of this saga for Batigrl.  The image that we all saw in the last issue, which was of Barbara Gordon, turns out to actually be the missing college work that Barbara had been working on and lost.  However the work has become corrupted and wants to have her body back.

The issue is rather interesting, the copy Barbara; meaning the computer; actually brings up points that people in Burnside have been saying, along with some readers.  The Batgirl is vain, she is driven by popularity rather than wanting to protect and save those who are unable to.  However Barbara had already faced and dealt with those issues in the last comic so it doesn’t have as much of an effect on her here.

The action scenes are nicely done, the team work between Batgirl and Dinah, along with Frankie was all well written and drawn.  I love the ending part with Frankie and the resolution we get to see with Dinah and Batgirl means the whole anger and distrust issue has finally come to an end.

The issue as a whole worked out fairly well, it’s a new age for Batgirl, she will be refocusing on doing what she does best and hopefully without too much social media pictures – can we leave that for Spiderman… And now Silk? – protecting the people of Burnside, while still attending college and homework.

Batgirl has finally come full circle in regards to this mini saga that Cameron and Fletcher have put her own, the struggles she has faced since they have taken over seemed smaller than what readers have seen when Simmon was writer; but this felt more closer to home in a way.  Who doesn’t fall out with friends, – okay, maybe not in such a dramatic fashion as what Batgirl and Dinah did – worrying about college work, worrying about where to live and going out with people on dates.  All these probably seem minor, but with Cameron and Fletcher at the helm, they are making it part of Barbara’s life, they are making her become a more 3 dimensional character who has faults, who is vain, who can’t seem to get the balance right and who still needs to hand in her college assignments in on time.  It’s little things like that which can build up a whole character.

Even though Batgirl has had a bumpy ride, this issue makes it clear that the road might not be smooth – because comic teams will make silly mistakes – but it will be an enjoyable ride for the most part.

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