Comic Review: Jem and the Holograms #1

Jem and the Holograms 1

Publisher: IDW

Writer: Kelly Thomas

Artist: Ross Campbell

Colourist: M Victoria Robado

Jem and the Holograms is a rather under valued cartoon series from the 80’s, to watch the cartoon now will not only take many people in their 30’s on a trip down memory lane, but also make them stop and wonder how the police were never involved in certain cases that were a bit too dangerous for a band to really deal with on their own.

Back to the comic, the basic story follows the similar route that the cartoon did, a band is wanting to make it big and find they have trouble doing so because the lead singer can’t preform in front of strangers.  The lead singer, Jerrica, find a machine her dad had created before he passed away and goes on to become Jem.

This first issue is very much introducing us to the main cast, it also makes you aware that Jerrica is the main character, but Kimber, Aja and Shana will have their turn in the spot light too.  The issue mainly focuses on the close bond that Jerrica and Kimber have with each other, and Kimber is ready to tell Jerrica the truth to get her to put things into perspective.

The designs for the character’s are all well done, they don’t look like they have been taken from the 80’s and placed into recent times, plus each of them had different body types which is so refreshing to see in comics.  I am going to bet that there will be a fair few cosplayers for these characters at conventions soon.  They are made for the here and now, the hair styles work for each of the character’s, their clothes give them a little bit of information about their personality and the colour palette stays true to how they were into 80’s too.

One thing I did love was Jerrica’s outfit, although very now and chic, the colour pallete was the exact same as that of the first episode of the cartoon.  I never realised it until I saw the rain scene, without the hat that she wore in the cartoon I didn’t pick-up on it, but that just sent memories flooding into my mind.

Although this issue isn’t Truly Outrageous, it is laying the foundation’s to make it extremely Outrageous.

This issue is building it up, the next issue could very well be predominately Missfit area; although I would think it would have more character building for The Holograms; but I can hope.


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