Comic Review: Batgirl: Endgame #1


Publisher: DC Comics

Writers: Cameron Stewart & Brenden Fletcher

Art & Colours: Bengal

Cover Artist: Rafael Albuquerque

Batgirl: Endgame is a one-shot, so although the comic does have #1 on the cover, it is only a one comic show.

The comic focuses on Batgirl still being in Burnside, still being Batgirl, but there is a virus called Endgame, which has infected many of the residents of Burnside who are currently trying to get away by bus.

The comic is interesting for a few reasons, although the writers have done a brilliant job with the story, it flows effortlessly together, the reader knows exactly what is going on, so they have clearly put a lot more detail into this issue than in a normal comic.  Which is to say… This comic has no thoughts, not speech bubbles, nothing to show what is being said or what Batgirl is thinking, everything in this comic leans heavily on the art by Bengal; which does the job extremely well.

The art work is what tells the story, it’s almost like what Marvel did a few years ago, having an issue that was completely without any direction of what was going on and the art showing the reader what is going on; however the Marvel comics – they had many issues that had a silent issue, the one I clearly remember is Exiles – also had an explanation of what was happening in each panel at the back of the comic, which is a bit of a cheat.

In Batgirl: Endgame, you know what the story is about it, the art make it obvious, the artist understand what the writers are wanting to create and they do such a good job and making the scene’s almost horror like.

It could be said that the story is simple and does copy a lot from movies and books that have been released, so it might not be a surprise ending; however I still feel it was well done considering what wasn’t in it; again speech bubbles, thoughts ect.  It’s certainly one to have a look at.

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