Comic Review: Loki: Agent of Asgard #12


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Al Ewing

Artist: Lee Garbett

Colour Artist: Antonio Fabela

After the last issue, it was obvious that this comic would be focused on King Loki – although am still trying to figure out why Nerdki was shirtless when tied to the chair.

King Loki tells his tale to Nerdki, explaining how he got to where he was, how he caused the fall of Midgard and how his present self would turn into him.

The theme that returns here is actually one that was in Seige; a Thor comic that had Loki planning the fall of Asgard, to burn it down to make it something new, but it was the words he used to Baldr to explain himself after he was found out for doing something wicked – this is Loki and the readers pretty much expect him to be caught out.  He basically said that he doesn’t know why he does what he does, it’s just who he is.

King Loki explains the same thing to Nerdki.  His younger self can carry on doing good, to taking on missions and having his past taken away, for his crimes to be taken off the record; but in the end with nothing to focus on any more, what does Loki have to do?

King Loki is risking much by telling Nerdki all this though, although it is clear in his flash backs that certain things went differently to what Nerdki is living; the 10th Realm in the Original Sin was completely different and had the Avengers fighting alongside the gods of Asgardia.  He is risking himself, there is a chance that he could fail, that Nerdki could figure a way out of this and remain good, or at least be on the grey side instead of being cloaked in full darkness as he had been before.  If he fails, he risks being nothing, the future having been altered dramatically, but he still risks being chanced, given that he is meddling with his own past.

King Loki is a Loki that many fans enjoy seeing, because he is every inch the embodiment of the classic Loki of old, yet with a refreshing twist of humour that he learnt from being around mortals in his youth.

Loki: Agent of Asgard is still going strong and it’s still a comic that should continue to be bought by comic fans.


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