Comic Review: Spider-Woman #4

spiderwoman #4

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Dennis Hopeless

Penciler: Greg Land

Inker: Jay Leisten

Colourist: Frank D’Armata

Cover Artists: Greg Land and Frank D’Armata

This is the final Spider-Woman tie in with the Spider-Verse! And it does a good job of making sure the reader’s are aware of that fact, and letting the readers know that as of issue 5, it will be all about Jessica Drew and Spider-Woman, there will be none of this team-up that will take away from the main character who should have been the focal point to begin with.

I really disliked the first 4 issues of this series, and it’s got me worried that people will have given up on reading it because of the first four issues being about the Spider-Verse and Jessica Drew aiding them in the final battle.

Issue four isn’t one that people need to read, the first part will just confuse them if they have never read the past issues before or if they are unaware of the whole Spider-Verse thing.  However it is nice to see Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman get together and have some good banter.

Saying that, Issue 4 is a filler issue, it adds nothing more to the character, it only shows that Spider-Woman is going to step away from being an Avenger and being what she was back when she first became part of the Marvel Universe, a detective for hire.

The art is fine, Greg Land really doesn’t add too much with his characters, they aren’t that animate or hold a lot of expression on their faces, the colouring is bold, crisp and clear but even with that it doesn’t add much depth to the issue.

Issue 5, I have been told is really when the whole Spider-Woman story begins.  So if you have been reading these past four issues and are wanting to give up, try the next issue and see how that goes, because chances are it will be improved a lot more than what has been released so far.


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