Comic Review: Loki Agent of Asgard #11

Loki Agent of Asgard 11

Publisher: Marvel

Writer: Al Ewing

Artist: Lee Garbett

Colour Artist: Antonio Fabela

The end is coming for Nerdki, he has been found out about his transgressions.  He has told the truth, that he was the cause of Kid Loki’s death, that he murdered himself, disappointing his brother Unworthy Thor to such a degree that he beat him and broke his arm, to have the Warrior 3 turn their back on him, yet Lady Sif found that Nedki isn’t the Loki whole stole her body back in Thor Siege.

This issue can be seen as a filler, like Spider-Woman, the big difference between this comic and that?

This issue actually has character development, it focuses on what is going on with Loki, his feeling of abandonment and how close to the edge he is of going evil, how close King Loki is to winning and causing the fall of Midgard, yet it would also cause the rise of Asgard.

The All-Mother Frigga wants Asgard to rise, she cares little for Nerdki, although she is disappointed in him having killed his younger self to be who he is now; though in the earlier comics of this series she didn’t appear to care too much one way or the other.  Now she has seen that her focus being solely on the rise of Asgard might cost a lot more than she first thought, she wants answers and the one who can give them to her is King Loki.

The All-Father Odin tries to help Loki, although he admits his faults; he see’s many things and knows all, but his temper gets the best of him.  It doesn’t help that although he gives Nerdki advice, it’s not clear what he is meaning and that could easily spell trouble for Nerdki, because he needs clear answers, not riddles.

King Loki is forever burning, that is a fate Nerdki wants to avoid.

Then there is Nerdki’s best friend, his only friend, Verity, the human lie detector, who is overwhelmed with all this information and finds herself having to back away, because she doesn’t understand what Loki is, what Asgard is and Loki just brings trouble to her life.

In the end Nerdki is at the mercy of his older self, the one who will show him how he comes to be him.

This issues is just amazing, you feel sorry for Nerdki, how can anyone not? But you also feel sorry for Verity and I do hope she does return at some point, because she is such an amazing character and she has been a brilliant friend to Loki, if Loki would just learn to be a good/decent friend back to her.

Issue 12 is going to be an interesting read, since it appears to be fully focused on King Loki.

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