Comic Review: Silk #1

Silk #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Robbie Thompson

Artist: Stacey Lee

Colour Artist: Ian Herring

Cover Artist: Dave Johnson

Silk is a new edition to the Spider world, she was created last year, bitten by the same spider that gave Peter Parker his powers.  The only difference between the two? Cindy Moon/Silk was locked into a bunker to keep away a family of deadly Spider-Hunters from destroying the earth, until Spider-Man opened the bunker and Silk was free to roam the world again, although this caused Spider-Verse to happen.

That is the basics of her origin story, it goes into more detail on the first page of the comic – it’s a classic move for Marvel Comic s to do now, which is pretty good when you think about it, not many people will know of Silk, or they will pick up the comic and like the art but not know much about the whole Spider-Verse series.

To focus back onto this issue, I have to say I enjoyed it, I was a little bit worried about Cindy Moon working at the same place as Peter Parker, but she does have her own identity, we also saw little flash backs of her life before she became Silk and before she was locked into the bunker.  We saw her interacting with her family, we also find out what her age is, which is 28 years old.

The plot is interesting, this issue is more about introducing Cindy Moon to people, the plot will begin to move in the next issue.

Does that mean this is a waste of time to read? No.

This is actually well done, I have read the Spider-Verse issues and I found that I didn’t warm up to Silk at all, though this could be due to the fact that there was so many character’s in the comic that there wasn’t really much time to fully develop her when she was overshadowed by other character’s that we did know a bit more about, like Spider-Woman, or even Gwen Stacey.

Hopefully this series will see Silk becoming her own character and I can see myself actually warming up to her more now than I would have if she just had a side-kick part in Spider-Man comics.

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