Book Review: Ridiculous by D.L. Carter


Ridiculous by D.L. Carter is about a family of three women who have been forced to live with their stingy cousin to keep a roof over their heads.  With his death however, everything is in ruined, he hasn’t left the women in his will and with that they will need to go to either the poorhouse or work for themselves.

Our heroine, Millicent, comes up with an idea, instead of saying that their cousin has died, she will die instead and dress up as her cousin, given that she is more masculine in looks and she is sure they can get away with it.  Plus the bonus comes when they learn that Millicent knows all about the numbers and books because she had to help her cousin due to his bad eye sight.

It is a funny book at times, yet there are moments when you do wonder if Millicent had really thought things through.  She would never be able to marry herself, she will be forever trapped as her cousin and when she is old and grey what will she do then?

The book also dragged at points, particularly in the beginning; then when it did start to get going it turned into a romantic tale with Mallicent falling for a handsome duke and helping him raise his younger sister.

This book could have been so much more, a lot of the pages were taken up with the infatuation that Millicent had for the duke and her pondering over what to do about it.  There was no real look at the other people in her family, of her sisters or mother, or even Beth, the duke’s sister even though she was with the pair of them most of the time.

The character development was good, but it only happened for the two main characters, Millicent and the duke, no one else really became a full character because of the attention being placed on them.

It’s a decent book, but there could have been a bit of improvement.


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