Book Review: The LIfe of Lee by Lee Evans

Life of Lee Evans

The Life of Lee is an autobiography of a famous English comedian, the book charts his childhood and teenage years, showing us his family life, how unconventional his upbringing was and what his school life was like.

If you have ever seen Lee Evans comedy shows, live or on DVD, you will know how he works, he’s always moving, always putting himself down and somehow he makes it hilarious of how he does it all, because we can all link ourselves with the situations he talks about.

The book is not a complete biography, this does give the reader a good view point of the young life of Lee Evans, you see his family life, how scary his father was and how often they were moving around the country because of his fathers work commitments.  There are a good few stories there, some are harrowing and other’s are just humorous; however all of them add to his character and who he is as a person now.

We see his up’s and downs in school, him being a shy boy, remaining in the background and only catching people’s eyes and attention when he blurts something out in a stressful situation.  He is haunted by a former teacher telling him that he will never amount to anything and throughout the whole book he is putting himself down, talking about how he never managed to fit in, even though he tried he best he just comes off as weird.

The book is basic, at least at the start, however in the last third we see him being more sensitive due to a personal tragedy in his and his wife’s life.

It’s full of humour, yet there is a lot of good stories and things that come up during Evans routines, he does put himself down a lot yet I have found that many comedian’s do so; Billy Connelly is the best one that I can think of.

It’s not a book if you are wanting to know everything about Evans life, this literally only details up to his teen years, around about his 18th year when things begin to change for him.  I am hoping there will be another book out that details his rising up to fame, the troubles he got into and how everyone, his wife and the rest of his family deal with his fame.


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