Comic Review: Spider-Woman #3

The last two issues of Spider-Woman were basic, they just added on to the plot that is going on in the Spider-Verse, but we know little of Jessica Drew as a character, issue 2 had given the comic a bit more movement, but issue 3 just brought all of that to a stand still.

Spider-Woman is meant to be gathering intel for the Spiders and yet we see her not being very good at something that she is meant to be good at.  She isn’t even trying to blend in, she isn’t trying to be like her counterpart in this world when she is trapped with Morlun – the man who is, along with his family – hunting down the other spiders for their power.  This is a man who could easily kill her without too much trouble and she isn’t trying to get into character to learn more information about what he is doing and why.

There is also a few pages dedicated to Silk, showing us where she went and how she managed to get their, but when she reappears with other characters alongside her later on, it doesn’t make any sense why we were shown where she was because there is such a big jump between where she was and being with other Spiders again.  Perhaps that will be explained in Silk’s own comic series, but for a reader it was confusing to see her and not know what happened to her inbetween time.

The issue wasn’t really exciting, in fact their were moments when you had to wonder if Jessica was just winging it and hoping to get out alive or if she just wanted to be reckless.

The issue was a poor performance after issue 2 and it does let down the whole series so far, I am hoping that by the time issue 5 comes around I will still be wanting to read it and that it will grab me in the same way as learning about the series coming out did.

One thought on “Comic Review: Spider-Woman #3

  1. Sadly, I find myself agreeing with your assessment of the book at this point. Although, I am probably more pessimistic about it’s future, which is horrible as I was so excited when I first heard Jess was getting her own series again.

    I think the dialogue between Jessica and Morlun just ends up making both of them look really dumb. Neither character is well served. Worse still, Jessica’s voice feels completely off. In issue one I remember feeling exhausted by her inability to stop talking, and thinking that was not the Jess I knew and loved. But in issues two and three, she “sounds” more like a Californian Valley Girl than a seasoned Superhero. Plus all the jokes feel smutty and basic and juvenile. And on top of that, there is her attitude to other women, which whether it is because of the art, or the writing, or a combination of the two seems unnecessarily violent. Tied to which, she doesn’t even solve any mystery, but is just drawn to the Weaver, by his design, thereby relegating her to nothing more than a convenient plot device. And within her own book, that is just plain insulting towards Ms Drew.

    And, as for her self declared feminism in issue two, by issue three that has been reduced to bitching about how that “chick” (her other self), just goes along with everything Morlun wants, whilst all she herself does is make feeble excuses and snippy comments, as if that somehow makes her the better person. And when she gets back to the Pirate ship, and discovers that she has inspired her counterpart to take control of the vessel, which could be construed as a win, it becomes likely that the other Jessica has used the same pesky pheromone power to bedazzle the men, that the original Jess lamented in issue two. Which, I guess, could be taken as a nuanced approach to the subject matter, but considering the lack of subtlety throughout the rest of the issue is improbable, and horribly contradictory. And if her other self was able to utilise the power to gain such an upper hand, then how come Jessica couldn’t? As She has already admitted to using the power twice, once on the Pirate King, and once on Morlun, her opposite number using it more successfully just makes Jess look even more useless, rather than gaining her any moral high ground.

    I know that they are aiming for a soft reboot of the series, but at this juncture I cannot see how they can redeem her characterisation. (The preview pages look worryingly slight, especially compared to the preview pages of both Silk and Spider-Gwen.) And if they do redeem Jessica, then the latest issues are going to look even more tasteless than they already do. As a lifelong fan of Spider-Woman I am still invested but, at this point, my fascination is that of watching a car crash, than from gaining any enjoyment.

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