Comic Review: Loki: Agent of Asgard #10

Loki Agent of Asgard 10

Marvel Comics

Writer: Al Ewing

Artist: Lee Garbett

The Axis is over, Loki is no longer the hero he tried to be, he has almost returned to his normal self, though he retains the memory of beating up his brother, the Unworthy Thor, or as he is now known, Odinson.

The only problem Loki now has, he can’t lie, he can’t even keep a joke up.  He is trapped in telling the truth and he soon comes to realise that King Loki was after this all along.

When we first see Loki, he is apologising to Verity, his only and best friend, who can also see through lies.  Not that she has a problem any more because of Loki being unable to lie, he can’t even twist the truth around her any more.  She is a kind friend, but she does ask Loki if he is going to save the other’s, which he says he will.

When Odinson (Unworthy Thor) arrives, he is greeted by Verity laughing at a story that Loki tried to tell but couldn’t and soon wants to know the truth.  What happened to Kid Loki?

If any of the readers of this series wonder who Kid Loki is and how he links in to Thor; the tale is explained in this issue.  Kid Loki was a reborn Loki, a new Loki, a Loki who didn’t have the stains or taints on his hands, however things change and Loki doesn’t seem to be Loki unless he is tainted at least a bit.

The comic can anger some hard core Nerdki (Nerd Loki) fans, who are angry at how Odinson is reacting to him telling the truth.  Only problem is, the comic gives the reason why Odinson is so angry and he does have every right to be angry.

This issue is brilliant the art is consistent, the details are well done and I do think the ending is so sad; but I get the feeling that Loki will use it to his advantage and save two of his former companions as he had promised Verity.

The only issue that will come of this is how the other’s will now treat Loki, Odin and Frigga will likely treat him the same as before, they were already aware of what was going on, particularly Odin.  However it seems that now Loki will be reverting back to his old ways, though it will be one awesome read, because chances are high that Nerdki isn’t going to simply roll over and let himself be the man he used to be without a fight.

Am already looking forward to the next issue and to see how the other’s on Asgardia will take the news of Loki no longer being who he said he was, or who they thought he was.

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