Comic Review: Batgirl #38

Batgirl 38

DC Comics

Writers: Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart

Artist: Babs Tarr

After the disappointment from the last issue, this issue could make up for it, or fall once again.

Batgirl is making a name of herself on Burnside, she is using the internet to show off her good deeds and to make sure no one tries to take the title of Batgirl for themselves.  In doing this though, while gaining an almost celebrity status she seems to have forgotten what she is meant to be doing, protecting others.  One one hand it is understandable why she would want to revolt against what Batman – as Black Canary points out to her – wants, which is keeping to the shadows and staying out of the way until they are needed; but Batgirl is still young and she believes that the way she is doing things is right.

I do get the feeling that she believes she is right because she is the daughter of the Chief Commissioner and so she knows a bit about policing; only problem is that her father might be the man in-charge of the police, he will still listen to other people’s suggestions on catching people and getting their help – sometimes even with Batman himself.

This issue does have a spat between Batgirl and Black Canary, old issues still are not being addressed and Black Canary leaves, unwilling to be part of whatever it is Batgirl is trying to do with her life.

There is a panel where it looks like Black Canary is with a man who is going to cause trouble later on; which could make a reader wonder how Barbara didn’t see that it was her former friend there right in front of her?

The issue does touch on Barbara’s social life, and with her not bothering to do a certain task that she had lost.  We also see her on a date with a police officer, her trying to convince him that Batgirl was a good thing for Burnside, while he refused to believe it – because Batgirl didn’t aid the police she caused trouble for them, the police find themselves with someone who should be sent away and yet without any evidence they can’t touch him.

There is something odd about her date though, which could have him as some kind of long running mystery for a while; possibly a double agent of some kind?

I enjoyed this issue, if only because Barbara is finding out that she was wrong to put Batgirl into the limelight as she did, she is finding that being famous, even though she is wearing a mask, is hard to bare and there is plenty of negativity that comes along with it.  This alone will have me reading the next issue and seeing if there is any way for Batgirl and Black Canary to mend there friendship.

One thought on “Comic Review: Batgirl #38

  1. I’m new to comics and this was my first issue ever read! I loved this issue, the animation, the supporting characters and the subtle storyline. Batgirl seems fiercely independent, intelligent, and genuine as far as her motives are concerned but she seems to love the fame just as much as she loves justice. I think this is contemporarily contrasted to the ideals of classic heroism. Balancing civilian/superhero life is always a demanding struggle (who can you trust to keep your secret/keeping the two in their respected facets) and with the added stress of your boyfriend absolutely hating your hero persona, that gets sticky. Granted, that boyfriend is a cop and is actively trying to arrest you lol. I like the suspense of the plot… also was the issue implying that her cop-boyfriend isn’t who he claims to be?? Besides that I loved the COLORFUL array of characters and the overall modern portrayals of women. Can’t wait for the next issue! And nice review 🙂

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