Comic Review: Hawkeye vs Deadpool #4


Marvel Comics

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Artists: Matteo Lolli & Jacopo Camani

The grand finale is here, after 4 issues (or 5 if you bought issue 0) it is the conclusion of this comical yet action filled mini series that see’s Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) and Deadpool take the final battle against Black Cat and her schemes.

No one here needs saving – as both Hawkeye’s say during this issue – and many arrows are shot – plus a Deadpool arrow.  It’s something that you need to see though.

This issue brings the whole story together, tying everything up, making the reader cheer on for the hero’s who have worked so hard together, bringing together the bond that Deadpool and Hawkeye (Bishop) have created and still keeping the balance that Clint was brainwashed, that wasn’t simply swept under the rug after he was free of the mind control he had been under.  It was touched upon at the end of the issue, but having a mind being used like that could change Clint, the last panel showed that, although with the writing, showing that Clint seemed to be using being a hero as a kind of crutch, to keep him busy so he doesn’t have to think of other things.  Which could make the reader wonder; ‘What is wrong with Clint? Will this be touched upon in his solo series?’

I hope it will, or at least some aspect of it.  I wasn’t a big Hawkeye fan – Clint and Kate if I am honest – however this mini series does make me want to read more about him.  He isn’t the sharpest mind, he’s no Bruce Banner or Tony Stark, he is nothing like the Black Widow.  He does seem to be a man whose own past could haunt him, his own mistakes turn over to shadow him.  Of course the end panel could also link in with issue #0, but it’s hard to know if many people would have read that one, instead seeing #1 and diving right in there.

Apart from that minor issue, the plot is tied up rather well, the three hero’s go back to where they were before, saving people, spending time with family, or cleaning.

The art remained consistent from the previous issues, the only problem I found was Black Cat, her costume kept changing between few panels, one moment it was all black, then it was showing some shoulder skin, suddenly it looked almost like her classic costume.  This could be linked with the little twist ending, but it did make me check Kate Bishop costume a few times to make sure her one wasn’t having the same issues.

Over all it was a good ending to a brilliant mini series.  I hope there is more team-up’s with these three again, or maybe a Deadpool ft Kate Bishop? That would be a rather interesting one to read, either way it would be good to see all three of them in another issue.


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