Comic Review: Hawkeye vs Deadpool #3

Hawkeye vs Deadpool 3Marvel Comics

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Artist: Matteo Lolli and Jacopo Camagni

Colour artist: Cristiane Peter

Hawkeye and Deadpool find themselves involved in a murder mystery – although Clint Barton wishes Deadpool wasn’t involved in this – and find themselves having to stop Black Cat from stealing a list that contains the identity of every undercover S.H.I.E.L.D agent, in the process she is also brainwashing people to kill anyone who gets in her way.  Which has also included Hawkeye aka Clint Barton.

In the past few issues we have seen Clint work along side Deadpool, with Kate Bishop joining up for the ride in issue 2.  In this issue, with Clint being brainwashed into working for Black Cat, Kate Bishop is now having work alongside Deadpool, and she is finding it a rather enjoyable ride – although she won’t likely admit it.

The art work works really well for the issue, it’s also fun to see Kate Bishop end up stabbing Deadpool after removing a knife from his chest – Deadpool has a healing factor though, so it’s all fine.  It keeps up with the humour side of things and then the serious side.  It’s good to see that although Deadpool is well known for being funny and mainly a comedic character in this issue you do end up seeing him being serious with Kate Bishop, you see that he cares what is going to happen to Clint.  You also see that he really likes Queen music.

This issue probably won’t make too much sense for people who have just picked up this one alone, you do need to read the last two issues, or even the last issue to understand what is going on.  It is worth it though, it’s good to see the two Hawkeye’s work together with a character like Deadpool, it probably makes it better to see Kate Bishop work on her own alongside Deadpool as well, since she hasn’t had many solo missions with another character apart from Clint Barton – at least from what I am aware, this doesn’t count her day’s being a Young Avenger either though, since she did work overall within a team.

This is a good series to read for anyone who doesn’t really know too much about Deadpool or Hawkeye(s) but wants to get to know the character’s better, this is a perfect point to understanding them and seeing how they tick.


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