Comic Review: Spider Woman #2

Spider-Woman 2

Marvel Comics

Writer: Dennis Hopeless

Artist: Greg Land

Continuing on from the last issue, Spider-Woman is on a mission to save the other Spiders by going into the danger zone and playing spy, if only there wasn’t another version of herself in this dimension too.

Issue 2 really redeems what was lost in the first issue, which is good news as we are seeing more of Jessica Drew and her inaction, of what type of character she is.  We see here that not only is she willing to fight, but she is also willing to be sly and wily to get the information that she requires.

She doesn’t interact with any of the other Spider’s in this issue, apart from Silk, which is a good thing, because we see how she works by herself.

I do have a bug-bear about Silk, she essentially leaps into the same dimension as Jessica to get away from the vampire twins who are after her, but she then finds that her transporter is broken.  Spider-Woman gives Silk her own one and takes the broken one, to which Silk thanks her as she leaves to go to another dimension.  This is where I have a slight problem, in the first issue, Silk was willing to risk her own life to save other’s, but now she is happy to leave Spider-Woman in a dimension on her own with no way back?

This could also be due to Silk’s own fear of being killed and not really thinking hard on what risk Spider-Woman is making by giving her a device.  It could also be due to Silk not really being prepared to risk her own life to protect other’s.

The rest of the issue flows really nicely, the writing is well done and it’s nice to see that Jessica Drew’s counter part isn’t the same, if anything she appears to be the polar opposite of the one we know in the 616 Universe.

The art work is fine, although it does seem to lack in any emotion, but the background work and details are nicely done; but it doesn’t make up for the lack of any real emotion coming from the interacting characters on the page.

Another good thing about this issue is that you don’t need to be paying too close attention to what is happening in the rest of the SpiderVerse to understand what is going on in this comic, of course that being said it will be nice when it’s over and Jessica Drew get’s the solo issues she deserves, one that expands more on her character and hopefully with a cameo of Captain Marvel.

It’s a good issue, it definitely picks up the pace and gives the readers more of what they want, hopefully this trend will continue to pick up as the comic goes along.


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