Comic Review: Loki Agent of Asgard 9

Loki Agent of Asgard 9

Marvel Comics

Writer Al Ewing

Artist: Lee Garbett

Colour Artist: Nolan Woodlard

This is the final comic that is linked with the whole Axis series, this is very much something that fans of Agent of Asgard had to read though; although not the Axis series it’s self, given that it linked with many different villains and hero’s, it wouldn’t make the story hard to follow, there just wouldn’t be a lot of Loki time as there is here.

In this issue we see the heroic Loki about to do battle with the villain Thor; the pair have become inverted and are the complete opposite of what they were.

Saying that when Loki is given a word by Odin, it seems that although Loki has changed, he hasn’t grown as a person.  That could be something to keep in mind, along with the ‘I am a crime that will not be forgiven’ that is in nearly every issue of this series so far.

The interaction between Amora and Loki is interesting, it seems that although they are bother hero’s at the moment, they don’t always act like it, Amora is seen shouting at her own sister before sending her off to her fate in Asgardia – although Loki does try to stop her.  Certain things like that does make Loki wonder if they have really changed and if the reader is truly honest, have they really changed at all? Although they fight for the good, they are cold and still cruel, they don’t care about the morals, so long as justice is done; which isn’t what makes a good hero.

The final fight scene with Loki and Thor, it’s pretty impressive and you are cheering on Loki, although you know that he has always wanted to defeat Thor, that type of emotion never goes away no matter how hard he tries.  He knows he wants to beat Thor, he wants to do it, but he also knows that he loves Thor and doesn’t want to hurt him.

This issue does seem like it is the beginning of the end for this Loki, but it will make the reader wonder, is it going to be old and wrinkly King Loki who will take his place? Or will Nerdki just be changed personality wise and as the issues go on the readers shall see him become bitter and twisted and full of hate to Thor as King Loki is currently?


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