Comic Review: All New X-Factor #18

All New X-Factor 18

Marvel Comics

Writer: Peter David

Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico

Colourist: Lee Loughridge

Cover Artists: Kris Anka & Jared Fletcher

The end is coming for All New X-Factor, only two more issues are left in this series and it does look like it’s going to go out with a bang if this issues has anything to say about it.

The team find themselves, having helped prevent serious trouble with the whole Axis problem, having some time off.

Yea, this is X-Factor, they don’t get any real time off.

We begin the comic by seeing a husband and wife in mourning over the death of their daughter, the daughter is the Goddaughter and the father was Snow’s best friend, the man who helped him to create Serval Industries.  Her body was stolen and Snow gets the team together to find the remains and ensure that they are set to rest.

It’s a sombre beginning, one that doesn’t seem like any humour could be made in the middle of it.  Yet with Gambit and Quicksilver, there is humour; with the pair agreeing – for once – that they should aid them.  These two disagree about everything, it’s a rather good moment to break up the tension that has happened in the past couple of pages.

This issue isn’t focusing much on Gambit, Polaris or Quicksilver, this focuses on Warlock, Danger and Cypher; three character’s who can be pushed to the side because they don’t appear to be that interesting to some fans, probably because the writers aren’t sure exactly how to write to machines and Cypher is a hard character to get into his head.

It could almost come across as either a romantic triangle – it isn’t – or even Danger taking advantage of Cypher – although Cypher tells her that she didn’t and he did want it.  At least he thinks he does.  The latter is what came across more strongly for me, although it does seem that Cypher did want it, he was also rather confused, he knows Warlock, they are close friends and he also knows tha Warlock does hold a torch for Danger, which would explain why he was a bit weirded out about what had happened between himself and Danger.

Danger of course, doesn’t see what the problem was, she had asked a few people before she got to Cypher and they all said no.  She see’s no reason for Warlock to act as he is doing.  This is some pretty good character development for these two, both of them being what they are, Danger wants to experience certain things in life to see what they feel like, Warlock on the other hand is rather more human with his emotions, he is open and feels emotional pain and what happened between Cypher and Danger causes him to act out.

it will be interesting what will happen in the next issue with these two characters and if Warlock and Cypher could be friends again.

Considering the series is almost at an end, there is still a lot of good character development to be had, just proving that character’s should always be evolving and developing in a story and shouldn’t remain as they were at the start or even in the middle of a series.


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