Comic Book Review: Batgirl #37

Batgirl 37

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher

Artist: Babs Tarr

Issue 37 of Batgirl is one that is meant to show us that there is another Batgirl in Burnside who is trying to make money off of wearing the famous cowl.  It’s also one of the more controversial issues, with the team issuing an apology to those who felt it was mocking transgender people.

The issue opens up with Batgirl riding in a car with three girls after a house theft of a famous woman, we learn two pages on that this Batgirl isn’t the real deal and it’s up to Barbara Gordon to figure out who they are.

The issue isn’t very strong, many people complain that the writers are trying to be hip and seem to be ignoring how smart Bab’s is in general, my main gripe is the fact that nothing has been worked out between Bab’s and Diana/Black Canary.  There is plenty of cattiness from Diana but that’s about it, there is no crime fighting together, no making up, nothing and that’s a shame because from what you see in the Birds of Prey issues – before it was cancelled – they were good friends and looked out for each other’s back.  It just seems like the writers have Black Canary there for the sake of being there, to be the one who can easily get under Bab’s skin and probably because Bab’s doesn’t have anyone else to talk to about her troubles being a superhero.

It’s a shame because it could be a really good issue or even two part issue to bring Batgirl and Black Canary back together and repairing their friendship, or at least get them on better terms than they are on now.

The suspense in this issue just isn’t there at all, the reader knows what’s going to happen, there has been clues going on, by the end of the issue though it does become rather hard to read because of how the writers decided to end it.

My issue isn’t with the particular panel in the middle of the issue, but with the way the issue came to an end.  It just seemed a bit cheap and rather mocking.

I am hoping the next issue is better than this, but I am getting the feeling that I might just collect the rest of the Gail Simone run of the New 52 series and avoid Batgirl after that.

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