Book Review: Scotland’s Jesus by Frankie Boyle

Scotland's Jesus

Scotland’s Jesus: The Only Officially Non-racist Comedian – the latter part is due to the Daily Mail who released an article that was untrue about Boyle, who sued to prove that he was anti-racist – by Frankie Boyle is everything that you expect from a very sharp and blunt comedian from Scotland.

It’s hard to really describe the book, considering that Boyle’s flare of comedic enhancements makes some parts of the book rather uncomfortable to read; to the extent that I did actually just vaguely read it and began to read in earnest again when that section finished.

Frankie Boyle is well known from his work on Mock the Week, although his jokes were usually filtered down for the masses he was one of the most popular comedian’s on the show.  His own TV show that aired on Channel 4 caused controversy and was never picked up again after all the drama.  However Frankie has been doing well for himself, he’s a popular comedian in the UK, he now has 3 books and sell out shows.  He might be blunt and he definitely takes no prisoners in his shows, he does make many good points particularly in this book.

To many who try to read the first two chapters of the book will just see it as Boyle being crass, his usually shocking self; but in a book, in written medium he can actually give out far more information to the reader than he can in his shows.  People pay to see him live to be funny, to be sharp and witty, to rip into people or things or ideas; a book however? A book gives Boyle the ground in which to bring out his jokes and humour, but it also let’s him speak to the public, thus the reader, in a basic way.

He sheds light on racism, in a way that I doubt many people have managed; although yes it is after another of his crass jokes, but it doesn’t take away from the message he is giving out; because you expect Boyle to have crass and blunt jokes, but you don’t expect him to talk about things like Africa or the murders happening over in America.

To many Boyle is a bully, he rips into people with his blunt humour, he shouldn’t be thought of as being good.  Yet he is, in his book he talks about racism, the differences between the rich and poor and many other subjects that most people wouldn’t imagine him talking about in general; but it’s all carefully crafted in his book so that his well know humour is still in tact.

It’s not a book for everyone, but if you enjoy his humour on TV and see him in his shows, this is a pretty good book to read.

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