Comic Review: Spider-Woman #1

Spider-woman variant Cover

Spider-Woman is on a mission to protect new spider called Silk from being attacked and killed by a family of alternative dimension travelling vampires, who are out for all the Spider-Men, Spider-Girls and Spider-Women.  Unfortunately if you are hoping for a Spider-Woman comic that is solely dedicated to Spider-Woman with a few look-ins from Captain Marvel, Black Widow and Spider-Men, at this moment in it’s not a full on solo run for Spider-Woman just yet.

The comic is connected to the Spider-Verse that is currently going on through the Amazing Spider-Man comics; since the whole Axis crisis didn’t affect him we can guess that Marvel wanted him to have his own drama, and it’s a big one.

Silk is Spider-Man, she is a woman who has the exact same powers as Spider-Man, they were both bitten by the same spider.  If you haven’t read Spider-Verse then this would be slightly confusing for you, considering there is many Spider-Men and Spider-girls in this comic.  The important thing is that Spider-Woman is protecting Silk, Silk is the one these vampires appear to be hunting after and Jessica Drew is the best person Spider-Man could think of to protect her.

The only problem for Jessica Drew is that Silk doesn’t appear to know boundaries, she doesn’t know that she shouldn’t be causing a scene and protecting people when her own life is on the line.

The disappointment many readers will have is that this is a tie-in to another comic book, this isn’t just about readers learning more about Jessica Drew, or Spider-Woman, this isn’t us learning about how she trains her protege or if the other spiders need to be part of the comic, at least have her interact with them more than just Silk.

The art work is a bit bland, the character’s are good to look at but the expressions don’t seem to match their moods.  The places they have been, New York having purple sand and gold buildings aren’t really shown, that would have been something the artists could have revelled in considering it was something completely different and is unlikely to be seen again.

It is a comic that could become more interesting as time goes on, there is still things to learn about Spider-Woman, hopefully how she works with a team of other spiders is one of them, as well as working with Gwen Stacey.

Hopefully this will become something more, but right now it doesn’t seem like it has a lot going for it apart from being a tie-in to something else.


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