Comic Review: The Wicked + The Divine Volume 1

The Wicked and the Divine volume 1

The Wicked + The Divine is the brilliant new comic from Kieron Gillen – writer of Young Avengers – and the art work from Jamie McKelvie – artist of Young Avengers – together they have created this piece of work that many comic fans will enjoy.

The story focuses on twelve people who are part of ‘The Pantheon’, all twelve of the members had been normal before they gained superhuman powers; once they have these powers though they will not live past two years and the cycle will begin again in ninety years time.

The narrative focuses on a group of people with superhuman powers known as “The Pantheon”. Each member of The Pantheon was at one point a normal person before gaining their powers. It is said in the comics that The Pantheon will not live past two years from the start of the series, and that every 90 years the Pantheon is reincarnated.

The comic begins in the past, ninety years ago, where we are in a house, with four members of the current ‘Pantheon’.  These members are now at the end of their lives and they all react to that fact differently.

Wicked + the Divine

The count up is an important part, along with the clicking.  Although we know these are gods, we aren’t told which gods they are, apart from one or two saying each other’s names, the other two are nameless.  There is also the fact that the other eight gods are actually missing from this moment is significant.

Moving back to current times, we meet up with the Ultimate fan girl called Laura, she’s 17 years old and ever since the god’s appeared she has been following them around, going to all the gigs that they have in London.  When we first meet Laura she is at a gig for the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu and the crowd that is there love her.


This is also the gig where Laura meets Lucifer, or Luci as she likes to be called.  This is only the start for Laura in meeting ‘The Pantheon’, meeting all twelve gods and it’s due to Luci that she gets the chance.

It’s not the best reasons for it though, Luci is sent to jail for the murder of a judge and two other people, a crime that she claims she didn’t commit – she also claims she didn’t kill the two other people either, otherwise it would mean that the court would announce her as a god!

Things spiral out of control and Laura in the one who believe in her new friend, she believes what Luci has said, that she didn’t do it; and so she goes off to find the one who did do it.

This Volume has all 5 issues inside, along with the pictures of the variant covers and some little extra panels that were never included into the final product.

The Wicked + The Divine is a different take on comics, with it being centred about a girl, who is essentially the readers viewer, we are Laura, we would react in the same way as she is reacting in these situations.  ‘The Patheneon’ though are gods who are the ultmate pop stars and the ultimate pop stars are gods.

When you meet each god, you see certain apsects that will remind you of certain musician’s, Luci is loosely based off David Bowie; Baal is based off Kanye West, but although that appears to be the main base for the gods, they still have their layers, they are all interesting characters in their own right and not been ripped off from a real person.

The art work is bold, there is no minor details to look at here, but it’s colourful and bold which is how you want the comic to be, the story its self keeps the reading going, the art work, although beautiful and crisp shouldn’t take too much away from that story.  Even with it being bold and lacking in small details, it still tackled emotions well, you can see the worry and fear, joy, humour on the character’s faces, it’s clear for all to see what they are feeling in that moment.

The Wicked + the Divine is a brilliant read, this one is a perfect volume for comic readers who know they will enjoy it, but don’t want to get the individual comic or who can’t find issue 1 and would like to read all the issues.

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