Comic Review: Elektra #7

Elektra 7

I used to read Elektra back in the day, when the Marvel Knights comics were out and Elektra was trying to redeem herself or something and found that she was being attacked by a man who wanted revenge, a man who lost everything and it was Elektra’s fault.  It had been a decent read, the art had been good, although the comic covers were always questionable, half naked Elektra on issue 13 is always going to make people wonder what is going on?

However this is the newest line of getting Elektra popular – no Elektra isn’t a popular character, not when you compare her to Ms Marvel or Captain Marvel; but that is probably because Elektra like Black Widow is a questionable person.  She kills, she kills and she gets paid for it, that’s her job and her livelihood, it’s what she does and she’s good at it.

It’s probably also the reason why her movie didn’t do as well as many had hoped it would, Elektra in that movie was bland, she had no real personality; you could see that she was skilled and got flash backs of her training, but it never showed what a questionable motive she has, that she kills for money and she doesn’t get close to her targets.

A better movie would have Elektra be an anti-hero, she would kill and yet she would save lives, however I have gone off on a tangent and shall return to this review.

This is only issue 7 of this series, I haven”t read Elektra in years, literally, so I came back to read this one as it caught my eye and the art work inside looked pretty decent.

Elektra is trying to protect another assassin from being killed by the Guild of Assassins, a large organisation who have place a bounty on his head and also her’s.  The only way for them to break free is to fight and find a safe house for Crow and his son.

This issue sees Elektra fight Lady Bullseye who has been given enhancements to make her superior in a fight against Elektra.  She can now turn to vapor, so any of Elektra’s hits will always go through her.

The fight scenes are very well done, there is one moment that you could tell that someone wasn’t exactly right… but at the same time it also made sense to why Elektra did it.

The rest of the comic was nicely done, Elektra is a bloody comic, if you don’t want to see blood this isn’t for you, however it doesn’t show it in graphic detail like some other comics out there.

This issue brings to the end of the two part series that began in the last issue, with the next issue showing Elektra hunting down the head of the Assassins Guild and end the hunt on her once and for all.

It’s an enjoyable read, Elektra is one of the few Marvel characters out there who relies solely on her skill and not with any enhancement or mutant powers; it puts her on par with Black Widow in that too, both have been trained when they were young and both are killers.

The difference? Black Widow joined S.H.I.E.L.D and Elektra continued onwards by herself.

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