Comic Review: Catwoman #34

Cat Woman #34

I have never read a CatWoman comic, ever.

I know of CatWoman, I have watched The Batman, seen the original movie that had her and The Penguin, along with the solo movie with Halle Berry – although am sure everyone wants to bleach that from their minds right?

However I have never read a CatWoman comic, there was never any reason for me to do so, I had no real feelings for the character, she was interesting and an anti-hero but nothing to really make me want to learn more about her.

However the brilliant tumblr had given me insight to the next issue – not the Futured End issue – 35, where CatWoman is at the top of the heap in the crime circle.  I figured that reading issue 34 would give a bit more insight into how she got there.

It kind of didn’t.

In fact it was a bit confusing.

Unless you have researched about the New 52 CatWoman and all the things going on, like that Tesla – a girl who seems to like dressing up in a steampunk style – is her protege? It can leave you in a bit of a loop.

That being said the issue, although confusing at times for a newbie, was still enjoyable, there was action and deception.  As a new reader I was wondering for a time if CatWoman should be trusting Tesla as much as she was, if Tesla wasn’t involved in what was going on and seeing for the first time that CatWoman needs someone next to her, to have her back, or at least keep her in check, she needs someone to be more rational and who knows their tech, probably similar to the Robin’s and Batman – probably, after all I haven’t read those comics either so it could be a bit of a long shot.

The comic is enjoyable and the art is stunning, though there was moments when I wondered why CatWoman’s costume had such a large gap between the end of her costume and her face mask, that would make it a bit of a vulnerable area in close combat.

I was lucky enough to be able to find the variant cover for this comic, which is pretty awesome and looks brilliant, like the Batgirl cover – although that selfie isn’t a variant.

I would say that I want to go out and buy the next issue, but I have already had a quick look at it in the comic store and decided against it, the art work here is crisp and clear, the art work in the next issue isn’t, its a bit more undefined for my taste, and although I enjoyed this issue it’s not something that I would pick up from my local comic store every month.

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