Comic Review: Guardians 3000 #1

‘The Original defenders of the Galaxy’ is at the bottom of the comic cover, so I am guessing this is in relation to Guardian’s of the Galaxy; who’s popularity has grown due to the rather popular movie that came out in the summer (2014).

I have never read anything in relation to Guardian’s of the Galaxy and so this was an all new experience to me.  It was confusing at first, but you need to read through the whole comic to understand it and it’s rather nicely done and makes for interesting reading, to the extent that I do want to pick up the next issue and see how it plays out.

The comic revolves mainly around a human called Geena Drake, a human who the Guardian’s are trying to protect because she is important, but she doesn’t know what makes her important and they don’t know why they are doing so.

The art is nicely done, it’s rather dark, but considering it’s space and it is a rather dark comic it does fit in with the tone, but it’s not dark enough that you can’t make out the details clearly.

The characters look interesting, the one you kind of get to know more, aside from Geena Drake – who does appear to be an interesting human; would be Charlie 27, he’s strong and fast, yet he also seems to connect more with Geena than any of the other characters, he sees her as a person; although the other’s might as well, but the interaction is limited between them in this issue.

The one issue I have is this quote: ‘The Hideaway Parliament, he repeats for emphasis.’

I think this is an error by the writer, the italics make the emphasis obvious, given that Charlie-27 is the one who is saying this, but he doesn’t speak like that at any other time during this issue, which could only be because of an error by the writer of the issue – and never picked up by anyone else.

One thing I would like is for Starkhawk to remain a woman instead of a man, because it was an all male team to start out with, not including Geena and it would be nice for another female member to be part of the team to give a bit more representation for women in the comic; but I might be asking a bit much.

Aside from this, it’s a good issue, again it has a nice twist at the end and I do want to read the next issue and see how this goes.


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