Comic Review: Thor #1

After a while of ‘OMG a female Thor’, ‘Why isn’t she called Thoretta?’, ‘Why have they made Thor a woman?’ and now it’s here, issue 1 of the all new Thor comic.

It needs to be mentioned that Thor isn’t just a name, it’s not just Thor Odinson’s name; Thor is a title and is a hero’s name, Thor on Earth is known simply as Thor, not Thor Odinson – at least those close to him know his last name – so it makes sense for this new Thor to take the mantel and become Thor.  It should also be noted that this isn’t actually the first female Thor, Storm, Rogue and Jane have all been worthy of picking up the hammer.  This comic also deals with the issue of what is written on the side of the hammer ‘If he be worthy’, the writer had wanted to deal with that issue, considering in this day and age it should be addressed that men and women can – and indeed have – been worthy of the hammer.

So now I can talk about the comic in general.  It’s a great issue, there are some points that make it a bit iffy but over all? It’s really good as a set up for the new Thor.

The start with the Frost Giants was interesting, the appearance of Malekith the Accursed was a good way to make the enemies come with more depth instead of just being the Frost Giants.  Although we still don’t know what has made Thor Unworthy to hold his hammer – something we won’t likely learn until near the end of the run, at least that’s why I think.

The interaction between Odin and Freyja is interesting, Odin had been the All-Father of Asgard for so long that when he left and Freyja took his place, making Asgardia safe and secure; for him to come back it wasn’t so easy for her to let go of the power that she had.  There interaction was somewhat like that of a husband of wife that have undergone a separation, they argue and bicker and although Odin keeps trying to put her down, Freyja always gets back at him.

The negative side is that Odin come across as being very negative, he even goes out of his way to blame Loki for Thor not being able to life his hammer – blaming his adoptive son that he claimed to love in the last issue of Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm; it’s really easy to see why Loki doesn’t care much for him; or at least King Loki.

The reveal hasn’t happened as to who the new Thor is, aside from being a woman, although many spectualtions are making the round on the interwebs.  Most think it will be Roz, other’s think it could be Freyja – although many think it’s unlikely – or even Aunt May – this one is more of a jokey one, but that would be brilliant for a one-shot!

This could be new-comer friendly, because it does give a brief overview at the start of the comic; something Marvel does like to do in their comics from time to time when they think their reads might not remember certain things that happened in the last issue, or indeed to just round up certain issues into an easy chunk so that new readers don’t feel overwhelmed when entering the comic.

I will be picking up issue two for this, it’s going to be an interesting ride!


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