Comic Review: Futures End: Wonder Woman #1

I will just admit this now, before I get into this review.  I have never read any Wonder Woman comics, like with Harley Quinn though, I do know about her through TV shows; Wonder Woman live action – from a few decades ago) and Justice League.  Of course for TV, they take the comic character and change it around to make it more family friendly.

So I don’t actually know much about Wonder Woman the comic book character and given that this is issue one, 5 years into the future, in relation to the Futures End, so it’s an alternative future and deviates from the main canon.

Issue 1 shows us Wonder Woman as a War God, however she is protective of the men who are fighting against Nemesis, however if you don’t know who Nemesis is; well you might get lost if you don’t follow Wonder Woman comics.

However I did find it a good read, I also found certain things, like the look of Hades, interesting and the end brings us to have to read Superman/Wonder Woman: Futures End #1.

Does this comic make me want to read the current comic of Wonder Woman?

Possibly.  The good thing is that the Futures End one-shots all mean that the arc that was currently ongoing in the main comic is at an end, which means that to begin reading the next arc of Wonder Woman will probably be confusing, but Google can help with that am sure, and since it’s a new arc it shouldn’t be that hard to follow.

Is it one for new readers to go with? Not really, it’s a good read, but it is more directed to those fans who are current Wonder Woman fans and who follow the Futures End comic too.

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