Comic Review: Future’s End: Harley Quinn #3

This is a comic that I never would have read, not saying that I have anything against Harley Quinn, I know who she is and I know a little bit about her character, but she wasn’t a character that I would go out of my way to read about.  However when I heard about this comic, I decided why not try it and see how I like the character of comic book Harley Quinn.

Due to this linking in with Future’s End, it is more focused of Harley’s future, from the last issue of her comic. This means that new readers will be able to delve into this issue without being bogged down with all the links to the previous issues of the comic. Which made my life easier.

This comic was interesting, Harley is a fun character, this is not a comic if you are wanting something that is more serious or with a full on plot. The plot is basic, Harley wants a holiday, but instead of going on the plane the normal way, she goes in cargo instead; but it is made difficult when the plane crashes and Harley ends up on the island where she finds herself fending for herself, until she is made into a goddess and meets up with someone she believed to be dead.

The comic is a fun one to read, there are moments when you kind of worry about Harley’s character though – this could just be me being a new reader to the comic and being used to comics with humour and not being based around humour in full.

There is of course action and Harley being classic Harley. It’s a good read for people who know of Harley Quinn but don’t know where to start, given that there is a lot you can read about her. This is a stepping stone into Harley’s unique world, so if readers enjoyed this issue, they can delve into the next issue of Harley Quinn in the general run.

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