Comic Review: Future’s End Batgirl #1

Many people who dabble around comics will have heard of Batgril, many would have heard of Barbara Gordon – the reverse may also be true too – and this comic really brings the future of Batgirl to life, or Batgirl’s I should say.

The comic brings Barbara Gordon three years after the events of the last issue – issue 34 – and we see her getting married, the day is with friends yet it does end up being a tragic time for her, causing her to change herself.  Five years into the future there are three new Batgirl’s who are taking over Gotham city, 2 Batgirl’s should be familiar to anyone who has read the Batgirl comics before the New 52 run.

The story is obviously Barbara’s, although she has moved away from being who she used to and became someone so much more, someone who is a threat and yet she finds herself facing off against the one who made her so strong.

For anyone who wants to get into Batgirl, this is a good one to read, just remember that the artists and writers will be changing in the mainstream Batgirl, so although this gives you a glimpse into the future of Batgirl, the present is just as important and gives you more to go on character wise.

Having said that, I do hope that there will be more to this series and we learn about the other Batgirl’s and what their home lives are like.

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