Comic Review: Loki Agent of Asgard #6

After the mini series Original Sin: Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm Loki Agent of Asgard is finally back and it goes straight back to where it had left off from issue 5.

This issue brings us back into the normal life that Loki had – granted us folk wouldn’t call his life normal by any means, but it’s his life – and he is back with a bang.

We first meet Victor von Doom, the classic villain from the Fantastic Four comics – Doom has had dealings with Loki in the past, but that isn’t what he’s here for – who has in effect turned a new leaf and is finding the future of earth something he wants to avoid at all costs.

He knows how to do that, but his enemy is Loki,though Doom knows Loki, he knows that this current Loki – many Loki fans have come to call him Nerdki, because he does enjoy referencing things from rather geeky backgrounds, like the Princess’ Bride, and also to stop confusion between King Loki, the future Loki.  It’s not as complicated as it sounds, trust me on that.

When we return back to Loki having a visit from Verity, a woman who can detect lies, regardless of how small she will see through them.  She’s a pretty awesome character and something rather different, being not only able to see through Loki’s lies but also she looks different from the other female characters that reside in comics.  Although she does look pretty – like all women in comics – she also wears glasses and has full tattoo sleeves on both arms, which makes her rather unique.

This issue is the start of bringing Loki and Verity closer together as friends; although Loki had warned her at the start of this issue that he isn’t sure how to be a good friend, although he is trying.

This says something about this Loki, Nerdki or teen Loki, which ever one you’d like to call him.  This Loki is one trying to make a difference, who is trying to be a good man and indeed a good god, although he will always be causing mischief it is who he is.

Since this series is still new, it is well worth reading the first four issues, just to get an idea of what you are in for, because although it seems straight forward and simple like any other comic, Loki has his future version to contend with and his future self does take centre stage in one issue, it might help to understand why teen Loki is trying so hard to be a good guy instead of just going as he was before he gained a young body again.

This issue though is the start of a new saga and it sounds like it will be another interesting ride for the readers, although it will be a challenging one for teen Loki.

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