Comic Review: Thor: God of Thunder #25

I haven’t actually read any of the current Thor comics, but I have heard that this is meant to be a good one to read, plus it’s a bigger issue before the Goddess of Thunder takes her place as Thor.

In this issue Thor’s girls of Thunder – his grand-daughters – are in the library, having been instructed by Thor that they shouldn’t just work on fighting but also their minds.  So two of the daughters are eager to do just that, while one prefers to actually fight and have stories spoken about their adventures instead of reading about her grandfather’s.

So we readers get to see some stories about the God of Thunder and the past of the Dark Elf Malekith.  The final tale is that of the Goddess of Thunder, although it was lightly touched upon.

The issue was interesting, the art work in every tale was beautifully done and suited each of them.

This would be an issue that new fans could go into, the only part they would probably need to Google would be the future Thor and his grand daughters.

The new Goddess of Thunder will make interesting read and it will be one I shall add to my comic list.


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