Comic Review: Original Sin: Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #5

This is the final issue of the Tenth Realm and I have to say I am really happy about it, but that I will probably discuss at the end of this review.

The Tenth Realm focuses on Thor finding his long lost sister, who his mother; Queen Frigga; is adamant is dead, murdered by the angels of Heven long before Thor was born.  This issue rounds everything up, tying it all up nicely and – truth be honest – rather boringly.

The tension has been how and when Angela – a member of the Guardian of the Galaxy and her whole life part of Heven, the one place that she could call home until she was unable to get back – would learn who she truly is and who she is related to.

The ending was rather bland, although the Tenth Realm, Heven, is now free from it’s former prison and Odin has returned to his home, along with his older brother Cul; which will mean that we shall see the angels and Cul take part in challenging Odin, Thor and Asgardia over time.

The comic didn’t really do much for building up Thor or Loki, and the ending was dull, I had hoped for some kind of battle to take place, even if it was against the Queen of Angels vs Odin.  The plus points about this issue was King Loki, which added some extra bit of humor although at the end you do feel a bit of sympathy for him, yet at the same time you also wonder if he’s just forgetting certain events because it makes it easier to hate.

On the whole the Tenth Realm didn’t really add anything to these characters apart from adding Angela to being an Asgardian and a Royal one at that.

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