Comic Review: Futures End: Batwoman #1

Part of The New 52 Futures End run, this is issue 1 – although I doubt there will be more, I think this is just a solo run to explain where Batwoman is for the Futures End universe.

If anyone new to Batwoman were to come in and read this issue first I would think they might be a bit confused with what was going on.

In this solo issue – I am just going to call it that, because unless there is a good twist in the next issue it won’t have another issue – we see that Batwoman is a vampire and her sister Red Alice – this is where new readers to this will get confused – are trying to kill/save each other.

This issue has been a bit of contention within the Batwoman fandom, I say that, the majority of people really don’t like this, mainly due to Batwoman being a vampire and because the hero that everyone loves, the woman who represents the LGBT community proudly in comics – because she is the only comic character who has her own solo comic – and this comic just takes all of that and squishes it into a ball and throws it away.

I did enjoy the comic to a point.  I liked how Red Alice was trying to help Batwoman, but it was very… all over the place action wise.  Certain scenes just didn’t flow very well, it just didn’t go very well to explain what she was doing.

Why had Red Alice become a good guy? How long has Batwoman been a vampire? When did Batwoman work with a team? How long has she and Red Alice worked together?

A lot of questions are left, as well as the script for Red Alice being red made it rather hard to read.  The art work is lovely though, I do like how Red Alice looks with her now being a hero, although I felt her look was pinched from the brilliant The Wicked and The Divine by Gillen Mckelvie and Wilson Cowles.

Is it a good issue, no not really.  I am noticing that Batwoman comics are rather hit and miss; though I do need to to read the first volume of this series since many people are saying that was when the series was awesome.  Think I will just need to save money for that and see how that goes.

Am hoping that it will get better though, which is why I am sticking

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