Comic Book Reviw: Batwoman Issue 34

I had found Batwoman rather interesting, I arrived in this comics life when everything had changed, new writers, new artists and so the comic has been on shaky ground, yet I personally feel – again having not been part of the Batwoman fan group for very long – that this issue pretty much takes the cake of them all.

This issue pretty much takes away the set up that had been made by the creators before these guys, this issue is rather dull and although in a way sad, it’s also frustrating.

Batwoman, or Kate Kane, is a woman who for all her issues is an enjoyable character, there is something to her that is relate-able and is more human than many other characters, yet at the same time this issue crops up and I hate it with a passion.

This issues has Kate break away from her long time partner Maggie, she breaks away from her for some noble reasons and then other not so noble reasons.  One of those reasons is her using her own money to make someone back off, then take a break from her lover.  This is just so bad I can’t even begin to explain it without spoiling this issue for you.

But I have to because it’s literally that bad.

Kate Kane decides that, given that Maggie’s ex won’t let her have custody of their daughter because her lover is a bad influence, she breaks up with her, but not before she calls Maggie’s ex to arrange a deal, which of course involves a pay off and Kate agreeing to stay away from Maggie and her daughter for a certain length of time.  This is the part that annoys me, she paid her lovers ex off, she bribed him, agreed to stay away from her lover so that she could have her daughter back full time.  It sounds noble, yet at the same time it wasn’t a battle for Kate to fight, Kate should have stood by Maggie, supported her, helped her when she needed help, not get so far involved that she bribes the ex into giving up his daughter! She knew that Maggie didn’t want her to get involved in this case but she did so anyway, because she believes that she knows best and yet she did something that she shouldn’t have, she took the battle away from Maggie and although she believed she was doing the right thing, she has left Maggie broken hearted.  Kate is Maggie’s love, from what I have seen they have argued like many couples do, they care for each other, they look out for each other, they point out the problems they are having and most importantly of all they respect each other.  In this moment, with Kate doing what she did, she made it seem like she didn’t respect Maggie, she didn’t believe Maggie couldn’t win this battle to get her daughter back.  She used her money and made a promise to stay away from the daughter and broke up with Maggie.

The rest of the comic deals with a vampire, we have seen her about in the past couple of issues now, but this time it’s her against Kate Kane, not Batwoman.  It ends on a cliff hanger and we will see the next issue being about Futures End, five years into the future.

I am disappointed with the comic for being like this, there was so much more potential to be had if Kate didn’t use her wealth to fix things and let her lover take control over what needed to be done for the court case.  The rest of what was going on in the comic was essentially background nose to what was happening there.


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