Comic Review: Original Sin: Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm

I have done 3 reviews for this series, welcome to issue four!

To recap from my past reviews of this mini series, I enjoyed issue one and a little bit of issue two, issue one was very much the brother’s bonding and getting together to find Thor’s – although Thor sees Loki as his brother and Loki does view Thor as his, but this case something makes our trickster keep this kind of reveal at arms length – sister.  We learn about angels and their hatred of Odin and Asgard.  We also learn that the art in this series is not the best, given that it changes when it’s in Heven and when it’s on Midgard.

Issue 4 of 5 is the one where we actually get things going, we learn Loki really isn’t that bad and as always he has many tricks up his sleeve, we also see that Thor isn’t at the mercy of the angels as the Queen had first thought.

I really dislike the art work in this, I really dislike the missing faces so that you see the eyes and body and that’s it, the part where Loki actually loses her legs so she just has a torso and head floating around and no one seems to have eyes until there is a close up.  The art work just seems rushed in the Heven scenes and it just makes reading it seem like a chore.

The sad thing with this mini series is that it just isn’t enjoyable, the art work isn’t great -although yes time scale is indeed a factor, yet the parts where Loki was with the Angels out with Heven should have looked bad too, but they didn’t – the plot is rather obvious and the story in general is just lacklustre.  I wish I could praise it as I did at the start, but sadly this series is just not gripping me, I just want issue 5 to be out so that it will be over and I can read Agent of Asgard again and see exactly how Old Loki is going to come about.

The issue here doesn’t have much focus on Angela, indeed the last  3 issues didn’t have much or any real focus on her, she’s just placed there because it suits the writers, she isn’t used that well and to be honest if people don’t know who she is in general – Guardians of the Galaxy readers would – then there really should be a slight background story to her and her reason for not being able to return to Heven, or at least what she believed was the reason.  Here Angela is nothing more than a prop device, she has not real impact on the story apart from the obvious and really we learn nothing about her, nothing that I am seeing on these pages is making me want to read Angela: Asgard’s Assassin; which will be out in November 2014, which is a shame because I have seen the moments Angela has had with Gamora – thanks to the people I follow on tumblr – and she seems a rather interesting character there that I want to know more about.  Yet here, there is nothing, there was no ‘oh my god I am home’ nothing of that nature.  Now I have no idea how long Angela has been kept from returning home, but I know that to be able to do so, she would feel relief, she would find her place there or not; there was a scene between her and Loki that probably reflects on how she felt about being home and being given a high ranking title; yet it was so little it did nothing and again the art work didn’t help matters either.

I know, I am moaning, but this series just came out rubbish and it could have done so much better.


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