Comic Review: Magneto issue 6 and 7

This is another comic I am late to the party with.  I was never going to read it because… Well Magneto was never a character I was that interested in, his backstory is tragic but essentially everyone can see that he became the one thing he hated the most, but he was too blind to see it himself.

In this though Magneto has changed, he’s been reformed for sometime in the Marvel Comics world and he has got his own series!  – lucky him – I have managed to pick up issues 6 and 7, because a gentleman at my local comic store told me that it was a good run and something in preparation to the whole Axis line that Marvel Comics is going to roll out later on this year – hopefully the Axis will go better than the Original Sin.  Because of him telling me that, I figured I should read up on these comics, obviously I haven’t gotten the start of the series, however the one thing Marvel is good at, the first page gives you a rough idea of what happened in the last issue.

It was interesting to read about Magneto aiding mutants, however I also found that in a way he really hadn’t changed, issue 6 is the one that really tells you that Magneto hasn’t actually changed, he just wants to try and cover it up that he is saving his own kind, when really, he’s not.

Magneto will never be like Charles Xavier, everyone knows that, Magneto doesn’t want to be like Charles Xavier, again everyone knows that; however Magneto wants to help mutant kind, the only problem is that Magneto doesn’t seem to know how to help mutant kind without returning to what he used to do and turning it on it’s head.

Issue six was the one that made you see him clearly and issue seven was the one that made you realise exactly what road he is going to take.

Magneto is an interesting character, he’s evil but he has a background story that kind of makes sense as to why he is like that; the story makes you feel sorry for him, his past is tragic and it has clearly left a lot of emotional scars that he has kept hidden for a long time.  That said it doesn’t really excuse him from all that he has to the world, he has made many mistakes and caused many deaths both human and mutants, in a way this is him trying to redeem himself, but can a man like him; who has been so bitter and had so much hatred pent up; really change?

I suppose this is what this comic series is going to draw out, or indeed let the readers come to their own conclusions in this matter.  Is Magneto going back to his old ways? Or will he redeem himself and be part of the hero’s?

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