Comic Review: Storm issue 2

I am slightly late to this party, but not as much as I was with issue one of the Storm series.  The weather goddess is back in her second issue and finds herself wanting to help people who have gone missing, which is all well and good, we also see some of her past being brought into this issue, along with some romance.  All of this is rather good for those who aren’t fully aware of Storm’s history and background.

The comic is good, the only problem with it? Its very similar to the first issue.

Storm goes out of her way to save a girl who has been missing, the girl is indeed in trouble, so Storm sets off to find her, with the help of Hank McCoy – poor Hank, surely this man also needs his own mini-series*? – once again Storm learns that she has been too brash, although it was someone else who literally started the fight.

Am trying to keep from any spoilers being made here.  I am enjoying this series, it’s good for those new comers to the comics to learn about Storm, to learn about her background, although it’s not painted so obviously in these issues, they do give a sense of who she is within them, they do make the reader realise exactly who she is in these pages.

I just wish the first two issues weren’t about Storm making mistakes in a dramatic fashion; aka jumping to conclusions.  This one was more lacking in any real fights compared to the first one.  Part of me feels for Storm, but another part of me wonders why she would have acted as she did when really it was a mystery she was trying to unravel, not start a fight, I would expect this from Wolverine but not Storm!

I am wondering how good the next issue is going to be, I really hope it’s a departure from this load of rubbish – Storm wants to save a young person, she goes out looking for them with the aid of Hank/Beast, she jumps to the wrong conclusion and learns a valuable lesson – because right now it feels like an after school special.  I want to see Storm deal with other things apart from trying/attempting to save young people who don’t need or don’t want to be saved.  I want to learn about her romance with Wolverine, how she balances out her responsibilities with being an X-Man and a head teacher, I want to know who her friends are currently, who she is close to and what kind of trouble do they get each other into.

I want something this isn’t essentially the same two lessons in these issues, I would like for something different and new to happen.

I know I sound like I am just moaning, perhaps I am; but Storm is an amazing character, all that power she has and she has so much wisdom as well, she has been a thief in Cairo and she has been worshipped as a goddess, she has been a leader of the X-Men and she has been a Queen; all of these roles have provided her with a lot of wisdom, with a lot of lessons learned and seeing her comrades, her friends, killed before her eyes in missions.  Does she suffer from PTSD? Does she wish to change the past? How much guilt does she carry if any for certain actions?

She could be so much more in this comic and not just some weather witch, she is Storm and she should be shining in these, things should be learned more about her character, about her friendships about her in general and out of these two issues, I am not really seeing it.  Or maybe I am missing it completely.


* I am probably alone in thinking that Beast deserves a comic of his own, probably a mini series at least.  He’s a genius after all and Storm goes to him for advice, he’s smart and knows technical stuff, not at much as Reed Richards or Tony Stark but still he’s got the know-how.  Plus it would be interesting to learn how hard he has had it and how hard it is for him now.

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