Comic Book Review: All-New X-Factor

I began to read All-New X-Factor from about issue 10 and I really couldn’t enjoy the characters that much, how ever issues 12 and 13 are very much worth reading if you are after more character development.

As perusual I arrive to the party late – as I always am with comics, it’s like a hobby I don’t realise I have! – and at the time when i finished reading issue 11 I decided that I didn’t want to continue to read the rest of this series.  But I went back to it, because again tumblr showed me that the next issue was interesting and builds a bit more on the characters.

The start of issue 12 focuses on Pietro/Quicksilver and how he is told to leave the X-Factor and rejoin the Avengers; these issues are very much his own character development, he makes his choice much to the surprise of his companion.  This issue focuses on the team and a press conference, to show that the X-Factor team that Serval Industries is more proactive than passive like many of the other superhero teams out there – though in no way trying to take away there thunder.  You get a glimpse in this issue that things really aren’t as they seem, yet Lorna/Polaris holds her own against the head of the company in an arguement.  The end of the issue is rather sweet, there is no action here but it’s good seeing the team interacting as people rather than just using each other in a fight.

Issue 13 is still about Pietro/Quicksilver and his daughter Luna, this is where the action happens and you learn a little bit about Luna and a lot more about Pietro too.  Here we see that Pietro acts more like a father to Luna than he has before and Luna really wants to spend more time with him, it’s a lovely family bonding moment that you know is going to go wrong because it’s in the Marvel Universe and that’s how things tend to roll there.  We see Polaris come and aid Quicksilver in his fight, where she states he is her brother; which is a lovely cute moment.

There was another moment in the comic as well, with Gambit kissing Lorna without permission – this could easily be by passed and thought very little of but I found it interesting – Lorna slapped Gambit for doing it and then apologised for doing so, Gambit is the one who told her she shouldn’t apologise for doing it and that he deserved it.  That scene, though short was actually nicely done, I really did think they were going to pair the two of them up, thankfully it was just a small build up of characters there.

So I am going to be giving the All-New X-Factor another chance, I want to see how things go now, how Luna gets along with everyone on the team and if she learns to stop tampering with people’s emotions.


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