Comic Review: Thor/Loki: Blood Brothers

I know I am doing a lot of reviews this week on books and a comics, mainly comics, but this is due to me being really lazy in the past couple of months.  So here is another review!

Thor/Loki: Blood Brothers is an interesting read, showing what would have happened should Loki win against Thor.

The idea seems to have gone through a lot of Marvel Villians, I have read somewhere that Doctor Doom had won against the Fantastic 4 but the victory wasn’t what he wanted because he needed the hero’s, without them what is Doom?

It’s the same idea here, Loki has finally defeated Thor, you can tell from Loki’s features that it has been a battle hard fought, the trickster god looks so much older than the god’s he grew up with, such as Sif and Bauldr. But there are aspects that show that although Loki wanted to win, he wanted to defeat Thor, he isn’t a King. Loki isn’t the type to take responsibility for his own actions, so why would he do so for his new kingdom?
Those who helped him in his quest to defeat Thor are asking for their reward, Hela even makes an appearance in his chambers for her reward, which is simple – she wants Thor’s soul.

Those words are the things that make Loki wonder about his position, although he remember the childhood slights that he receives as a youngster, he says ‘without Thor what is Loki?’

He is a villian who has gotten what he wanted, a defeated Thor, a kingdom; yet to kill Thor would mean that Loki has nothing. Thor is what keeps Loki going, in a sense Thor is always going to be needed to keep Loki entertains, to challenge his skills, his plans and magic.

The book also delves into the other characters like Sif, who managed to scare Loki and fight him even when chained up; Bauldr is another, along with Odin who asks Loki how he would kill Thor when he has tried so many times in the past.

This is a dark book, so younger readers probably shouldn’t read it; but it’s also interesting to see how Loki’s mind works, or at least Old Loki – as the fandom is calling him. Old Loki is in two minds, one just wanted to humiliate Thor as Thor has often done to him and another part just wants him out of the way.

The art work in this book is stunning, I know there is a live comic of this that you can buy the DVD for, but from the trailers I think it doesn’t do the art any favours.

This is a book that is rather hard to find, but once you have it, it’s well worth it, plus there is extra sketches in the back along with other Loki related tales, some classic and other’s in relation to the Siege of Asgard.

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