Comic Review: The Trials of Loki

The Trials of Loki was a four issue mini series focusing on Loki, it is also called Thor: The Trials of Loki, however it has nothing to do with the mainstream Thor or Journey into Mystery.  It’s essentially a standalone series that was written just before the movie Thor came out.  

Here we have Loki’s side of the Edda’s, the famous Norse poems about the gods that put Loki in a negative way and casts him as being a menace to the other good gods on Asgard.  These issues, although only four of them really do tell the tale of Loki and his downward spiral into being evil an causing the fall of Asgard.

Although the Edda’s are being followed this is Marvel, they are going to take the Edda’s a twist it a little bit to make it something that they like, which actually works rather nicely.  Not all of the Edda’s are used, some are and other’s are set aside because it’s difficult to use – the horse one would be a good example really.  

The book starts out with Loki in hiding, given that he looks worse for wear you can guess this is his last stand, and when Thor shows up, claiming to want to hear the truth from Loki; well the trickster has nothing more to lose than to tell his side of the tale.

So it begins with Bauldr and Loki riding through a field where Thor and Sif are sparring – this is where we see that Loki cares for Sif as he gazing longingly at her, though he knows it will never happen.

The art work in the book is beautifully done, Loki is made to look more menacing in each issue, issue one he is seen more of the trickster and causing mischief, in the next volumes you seen him wearing heavier furs, his eyes are the things you should focus on because they tell you a lot more about how he is feeling about certain situations.

With this being Loki’s tale, you expect the reader to be biased and agree with all his decisions; but the writer has done a very good job of it.  The reader doesn’t believe that everything that Loki has done is of great benefit to himself, so the reader is unbiased to Loki, although they can certainly see why he did certain things, there are other times when they probably wonder how right in the head was Loki when he decided to do that.

It’s a well written mini series that I personally feel should have been longer and included more of the Edda’s than what was already there.  However what we got it a brilliant work with beautiful art that I keep returning back to read because it is that enjoyable.




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